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Frau Lamb :: Slow Down

Frau Lamb is a contemporary fashion brand that creates limited edition & one-of-a kind pieces from capsule collections crafted by the mind and hands of designer and artist Ingrid Cordero in Costa Rica. We promote an alternative consumption system based on sustainable and participatory design fundamentals fostered primarily through our workshops.

Maximal :: Minimal

Maximum Minimum envisions a radically different future as far as consumption is concerned. The project proposes an alternative system of garment production via practical designs enlivened through infinite, open exploration. It should be considered as a playful introduction to understanding Zero Waste pattern making.

Global thinking :: Local action

Since 2015, the workshops have become an essential component of Frau Lamb, a new holistic design statement envisioned by the brand. We understand the user as an ally to built a councious thinking future. Feel free to contact us should you be interested in attending any of our workshops offered in fashion sustainability, zero waste and upcycling.

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